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Mixed Martial Arts is a new thing to Thailand – however it has grown at a pace that is TRULY amazing. MMA Gyms have popped up in Phuket, Chian Mai, Bangkok and beyond.

The key essense has been muay thai / boxing and brazilian jiu jitsu.

That is fantastic, however Wrestling seems to be one key that has been lacking a little. With maybe 1 or 2 gyms having any wrestling.

Now Phuket Top Team in conjunction with ThailandWrestling.com is introducing Sambo/Collegiate/Freestyle wrestling to the MMA program.

So stay Tuned and watch this spot for more Wrestling news & video clips !


Takedowns For MMA with Eric Uresk

Eric Uresk is a Carlson Gracie/Olavo Abreu Bjj Black belt, Judo Black belt, Catch wrestling brown belt, Former professional mma Fighter, Head MMA & submission grappling coach at Phuket top team MMA & Wrestling Phuket training camp, USA National level Greco-Roman Wrestler & much more.

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Tried & Tested Takedowns for Mixed Martial Arts.

By mumukaya

Flow technique from PhuketTopTeam Head Coach Eric Uresk

Awesome flow technique from PhuketTopTeam head MMA, Wrestling Phuket & Submission Grappling Coach Eric Uresk.
Starting from the rear waist lock, snap back the opponent to a bottom wrist ride.
Secure the chest to back & place the hook over top leg. Then using the free arm, create a post blocking the opponents free arm. Finally, secure the Kimura trap & pinch the knees for the Armbar finish.
Work gradually through the steps, watch the details & add this to your skill set.

By mumukaya

‘Life Of A Fighter’ episode 1 – Ramona Pascual

‘Life Of A Fighter’ episode 1 – Ramona Pascual.
Ramona is a professional MMA Fighter for ROAD FC.
This series gives a true insight into some of the professional martial artists here at PhuketTopTeam MMA & Wrestling training Phuket.
The reality is not always smiles, victories & adoration. The life of a combat athlete is much harder than most will ever know. The path to becoming a champion is a path with regular setbacks.
With the right team & the right people around them, the true martial artist will always find a way to success.

By mumukaya