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Mixed Martial Arts is a new thing to Thailand – however it has grown at a pace that is TRULY amazing. MMA Gyms have popped up in Phuket, Chian Mai, Bangkok and beyond.

The key essense has been muay thai / boxing and brazilian jiu jitsu.

That is fantastic, however Wrestling seems to be one key that has been lacking a little. With maybe 1 or 2 gyms having any wrestling.

Now Phuket Top Team in conjunction with ThailandWrestling.com is introducing Sambo/Collegiate/Freestyle wrestling to the MMA program.

So stay Tuned and watch this spot for more Wrestling news & video clips !

PTT’s Chinese fighter Wang Guan signed to UFC

UFC signs PhuketTopTeam Chinese fighter Wang Guan & announce he will debut in Singapore.
Wang Guan joined the Phuket Top Team MMA and wrestling training camp in Thailand in 2016 & has work with the coaches, Kru & fighters to improve his skills set. 17-1 with 15 wins via finish.
PTT is excited to see one of China’s top MMA fighters in the UFC.
It’s been a big 12 months for the PTT pro team & things are not slowing down.

By mumukaya

Takedown techniques from Coach Eric Uresk

PhuketTopTeam coach Eric Uresk Wrestling Thailand shows a nice series of takedowns off the cage.
Head pinch takedown, head pinch with knee shield takedown, head pinch with knee shield to harai goshi.
Eric Uresk is a Judo Black belt, Catch Wrestling Brown belt, BJJ Brown belt, elite level wrestler & professional MMA team head coach.

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Technique Ippon Seonagi Judo throw

Coach Eric Uresk (USA) shows technique Muay Thai Clinch Counter to Ippon Seonagi Judo throw for MMA, Wrestling, Bjj, NoGi, Submission Grappling.
Eric Uresk is head MMA coach, Submission Grappling coach, Wrestling Thailand coach, Judo blackbelt & weight cut specialist at Phuket Top Team MMA training camp in Phuket.

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World class MMA & wrestling coach Eric Uresk

Eric Uresk is the Head Pro MMA Team coach, head Wrestling Coach & Head Submission Grappling Coach at Phuket Top Team MMA & wrestling training camp in Phuket.
As an elite level Wrestler, Grappler, MMA coach & fighter, judo blackbelt, BJJ brown belt… Eric Uresk has grown the programs here at PTT into a genuinely world class level. Fighters from UFC, Bellator, OneFC, ACB, M1Global & beyond, have trained fight camps directly under Eric and won with impressive victories.
Students from all reaches of the globe have travelled to work with Coach Eric Uresk.
The experience, knowledge & passion Eric brings to PhuketTopTeam is a big part of the overall success PTT has seen each year!


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