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Mixed Martial Arts is a new thing to Thailand – however it has grown at a pace that is TRULY amazing. MMA Gyms have popped up in Phuket, Chian Mai, Bangkok and beyond.

The key essense has been muay thai / boxing and brazilian jiu jitsu.

That is fantastic, however Wrestling seems to be one key that has been lacking a little. With maybe 1 or 2 gyms having any wrestling.

Now Phuket Top Team in conjunction with ThailandWrestling.com is introducing Sambo/Collegiate/Freestyle wrestling to the MMA program.

So stay Tuned and watch this spot for more Wrestling news & video clips !

Pro MMA Team Training at Phuket Top Team

Coach Eric Uresk explaining to the pro fighters, the importance of No Egos Only Dedication at Phuket Top Team MMA and wrestling training camp in Phuket.
The ability to take risk, to develop weakness into strength, to train the things that don’t come easy.

Fighters from USA, Australia, Canada, China, South Korea, Poland, United Kingdom, Russia, Jordan, Lebanon & beyond.
We Are All One sharing skills & sharpening swords.

By mumukaya

Jason Knight just finished up fight camp at PTT

Jason “The Kid” Knight (USA) has just finished up fight camp at Phuket Top Team MMA and wrestling training camp in Phuket ahead of UFC Melbourne.
Working his Muay Thai with Kru Kit, focusing on wrestling, mma & submission/grappling with Coach Eric Uresk & sharpening Kickboxing with Pascal Schroth.
Hardwork & Dedication done!
Now we are looking forward to Jason picking up another big UFC win.
14-2 sherdog with 11 finishes & has never been finished.


By mumukaya

Advanced Warm Up by Wrestling coach Eric Uresk

PhuketTopTeam’s Wrestling in Phuket Head Coach Eric Uresk demonstrates advanced Warm Up from his GrecoRoman Wrestling days.
The drill involves core control, neck strength, & flexibility.

By mumukaya

James Vick joined PhuketTopTeam’s pro team

Phuket Top Team MMA and wrestling training camp in Phuket is honored to have James Vick who traveled out to Phuket & joined the pro team & training here at PTT.
James Vick is 9-1 with 1 UFC performance bonus.
5-1 total inside the UFC octagon & a TUF veteran.
No doubt one of the current top 15 in his weight class, PTT is excited to have VICK out here putting in hard work.

By mumukaya

Wrestling Technique ‘Get Up’ from the Takedown

Wrestling Technique – ‘Get Up’ from the Takedown.
Working a strong crossface forcing the head away & drilling options for a clean get up.
The most accredited & comprehensive Wrestling program in Thailand 3 X’s per week at Phuket Top Team.
Coach Eric Uresk Is helping students develop & enhance.

By mumukaya