World class MMA & wrestling coach Eric Uresk

Eric Uresk is the Head Pro MMA Team coach, head Wrestling Coach & Head Submission Grappling Coach at Phuket Top Team MMA & wrestling training camp in Phuket.
As an elite level Wrestler, Grappler, MMA coach & fighter, judo blackbelt, BJJ brown belt… Eric Uresk has grown the programs here at PTT into a genuinely world class level. Fighters from UFC, Bellator, OneFC, ACB, M1Global & beyond, have trained fight camps directly under Eric and won with impressive victories.
Students from all reaches of the globe have travelled to work with Coach Eric Uresk.
The experience, knowledge & passion Eric brings to PhuketTopTeam is a big part of the overall success PTT has seen each year!


By mumukaya

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