‘Head And Arm’ Choke Wrestling technique from coach Eric Uresk

A slick ‘Head And Arm’ Choke using the lapel, from Wrestling Thailand Coach Eric Uresk.
Securing the lapel with strong tension. Keep tight when passing the arm into ‘head and arm’ position. Use hip & thigh pressure to finish the choke.
Eric Uresk is a Calrson Gracie BJJ black belt under professor Olavo Abreu,
Judo Blackbelt, catch wrestling brown belt, elite level wrestler & pro team head MMA Coach at PhuketTopTeam where you can also find KIDs BJJ classes in Phuket.


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Series of takedowns off the cage from coach Eric Uresk

PhuketTopTeam coach Eric Uresk Wrestling Thailand shows a nice series of takedowns off the cage.
Head pinch takedown, head pinch with knee shield takedown, head pinch with knee shield to Harai Goshi.
Eric Uresk is a Judo Black belt, Catch Wrestling Brown belt, Carlson Gracie BJJ Black belt, elite level wrestler & professional MMA team head coach.

PTT also offers biggest kids BJJ Phuket program.

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Good luck to Michael Bisping on the UFC 217

Throwback to UFC champion Michael Bisping smashing Thai pads and working his Muay Thai at PhuketTopTeam MMA & wrestling training camp in Phuket.
What an incredible year 2016 was for Bisping – defeating Anderson Silva, Dan Henderson & Knocking out Luke Rockhold for the UFC title.
Next up is the superfight with all time great GSP, November 4th at UFC217.

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