Next fight for MMA fighter Rany Saadeh coming up soon

The next fight for PhuketTopTeam’s MMA fighter Rany Saadeh coming up on Saturday 25th April 2015. At just 21 years old Rany is the current BAMMA champion and one of the fastest rising Flyweight fighters in the world. Rany is looking to defend his title & once again make a claim for a ufc contract. Now he is working hard on his Jiu Jitsu at BJJ camp in Phuket.


Intensive Wrestling Bootcamp in Phuket – Thailand

Phuket Top Team is leading the way for Wrestling in Thailand & South East Asia.

With this Phuket Top Team is now holding a 1 month wrestling boot camp, set to culminate in a certification ‘Wrestling Fundamentals Certification I’

The course will see a student sign a contract to enter the boot camp.

The boot camp involves 16 Wrestling classes and 2 one on one private sessions with PTT’s Wrestling Coach.

The course focuses on wrestling take downs basics & the basic fundamentals of teaching wrestling for MMA.

for more information check the SIGN UP PAGE now

Freestyle Wrestling tournaments set to hit Phuket

Wrestling as we know is a huge part of Mixed Martial Arts.

Like every element of MMA, the set disciplines should all be given time to work on separately and in a dedicated manner.

Phuket Top Team will be playing host to a month

“Takedown Tournament” with small prizes awarded each tournament.

The events will be a monthly inclusion to the wrestling program already in place at PTT.

These tournaments helps to encourage a competitive nature, but also put a students skills to the test under pressure.

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