Intensive Wrestling Bootcamp in Phuket – Thailand

Phuket Top Team is leading the way for Wrestling in Thailand & South East Asia.

With this Phuket Top Team is now holding a 1 month wrestling boot camp, set to culminate in a certification ‘Wrestling Fundamentals Certification I’

The course will see a student sign a contract to enter the boot camp.

The boot camp involves 16 Wrestling classes and 2 one on one private sessions with PTT’s Wrestling Coach.

The course focuses on wrestling take downs basics & the basic fundamentals of teaching wrestling for MMA.

for more information check the SIGN UP PAGE now

Anthony Leone out wrestles the wrestler for a Bellator win

Phuket Top Team’s Anthony Leone took on the heavily wrestling credentialed Zack Makovsky (former Bellator champion)

Makovsky, a former NCAA Division 1 wrestler who is feared for his relentless take downs and wrestling control.

Anthony used his wrestling and grappling skills to fine form to control and get a big decision win

Check the full Bellator 83 fight video below

Anthony then went on the the Bantamweight Semi-Final tournament where he faced the very talented 16-2 Frank Baca.

Again Anthony’s wrestling skills were to shine.

Check the full Bellator 97 fight video below